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People Are Using Fake Doctors Notes

HR Professional looking at doctors noteIn my 40 years as a manager for a large company, I have seen many sick excuses that were questionable. Even fake doctors forms can be produced easily with templates. The person giving you the template note knows that is very unlikely that a manager will verify the source of the excuse.

They know how difficult it is to try and get information from a doctor’s office, urgent care or the hospital. This way they get a free day from school or work just filling out simple forms to look legit. Basically, we have many reasons to say thanks to doctor’s notes manufacturers that had made acquiring these notes easily.

Once the template is made they just use it over and over to their convenience by filling in the form with the new information and excuses. A lot of young people will do this since they are all very much tech savvy. There are a lot of doctors note template options online but you have to look around.

Do not use young people as the entire example of this cheating. I have found that many older people also use this method to stay out of the workplace. They love getting paid and having a good day off to get their personal things done. Even if they are not paid they will produce a dr. excuse for being off due to sickness. You know it and it really does no good to pursue it. You can only save what you feel is a fake doctors note for future reference and hope it doesn’t happen too often. It is not profitable to have employees losing work. You have to know when enough is enough and then prove it. If we are real lucky someone may have snapped their picture on their smart phone with the date stamp at a beach. Surprise!  My suggestion? If you are really sick, get a real doctor’s note.

Also check out this article to see the epidemic of fake doctors notes. You might be wondering what factors you should be considering in creating your own doctor’s note template or excuse.

Health excuses from a doctor that works

Impressive doctor’s notes

What to Consider When Choosing a Doctor

Human health is of great value, and that is why it should be guarded. There are very many ways of taking care of one’s health. The human body is prone to diseases and this is why medical attention is so important. Getting the best medical care means having a medical professional that is providing it. Most people like to choose a doctor that will be responsible for their medical needs whenever they arise. This is the reason why people have personal doctors. Picking a doctor however is not something that should be done without caution. One has to know that they would be getting the best care available. Here are some tips that would help make the selection process easier.

What to look for

What to Consider When Choosing a Doctor

The reputation of the doctor is very important. Medical professionals thrive on the reputation that people have of them. It’s very easy to find out what kind of reputation a certain doctor has. Even if the doctor has a private practice, chances are high that there is someone who has an opinion about them. Talking to former patients would help gleam a picture of what the doctor is like.

Getting references is a much better option when looking to choose a doctor. You may have a friend or acquaintance that knows of a good doctor or can help you get to one. This would be a big advantage to you because it would make the task easier.

Vetting a doctor is also a big part of the selection process. One has to make sure that a doctor is qualified, licensed and accredited to provide medical services. There are several channels that one may use to find out about all this. One can even ask for proof of certification from the doctor themselves. This would give one some peace of mind.

The availability and access of the doctor is something else. One should pick a doctor that is able to provide the needed medical attention promptly. There are situations when there is need for urgent medical care. The doctor should be in a position to provide that. Picking a doctor that is available locally is always wise. It doesn’t make sense to have a doctor some place where one would need to drive or get two buses. Nex time you think of using a dr. note for school or for work, be mindful that it can only help you 80% of the time and it really depends in you mostly.

Professional conduct and Insurance needs

Professionalism is also very essential. It’s not enough for a doctor to just be skilled. The way the doctor behaves with their patients outside of the examination room is very important. The conduct of a doctor should be impeccable and ethical. They should also be easy to talk to. Having a doctor that you can’t talk to about anything does not really help anyone.

The insurance coverage is also something else to remember. When one is ready to choose a doctor, the relationship of the doctor with your insurance company will matter. You may find a doctor that you think is perfect for you but then find out that they don’t work with your insurance company. This is one of the most basic things to research on. When making a list for the doctors you can pick from, always look at the insurance companies they work with. If you need a doctors note:

These are just a few considerations that one should have in mind when picking a doctor.

Be Very Careful Using A Fake Doctors Note

The use of fake doctor’s notes has become very prevalent. The general idea behind a fake doctor’s note is to provide proof of a visit to the doctor. It’s natural for people to want to take a break. This happens to a lot of people. One may need to take some time off, but not have the mandate to do so. Maybe one has used up all their sick off days and vacation time. This is when someone would consider using a fake doctor’s note. Taking a fake sick leave is not something new. It’s a habit that people got used to.

Sick off regulations

fake doctor’s note

Employers are realizing that employees need stricter rules when it comes to sick leaves. One can not just decide to take a sick off just because they feel like it. This is why companies have now established harsher guidelines to govern sick leaves. Most companies will now ask for a note from the doctor when an employee comes back from a sick off. This is what has brought about the whole fake notes from the doctor.

The risks

Sometimes using a fake doctor’s note may be justified. It is however necessary to understand that there are risks that are involved when it comes to these fake notes. One must be aware what they are exposing themselves to by using the notes. One major thing to avoid with fake doctors notes is using a note that has been altered. This is a crime and could result in jail time. There are some people online that will sell you a doctor’s note but an altered one. This is why the templates are preferred. If a doctor’s note was discovered to have been altered or stolen, then that would be the end of everything. If it’s school, one could get suspended and the incident could go into permanent record. If it’s a work place, then one could lose their job among other consequences. Using a free Physicians template while working is very risky.

Knowing what to say on the note is also a critical element. Some people say things that show clearly that it wasn’t a doctor that wrote them. One must know what should be said and just how to say it. The excuse given must be believable. It is also important to play the part. You can’t have a note from the doctor saying you sprained your ankle and then go to work or school happily strutting around. One should be very careful about the excuse that they use on their note. It also wouldn’t be wise to have an excuse you know will inconvenience you like for instance saying you had a broken leg. That would require you to pretend to have a broken leg for a while.

There are also some small errors that may land one into trouble when presenting a doctors note. One may have spelled a certain prescription wrong or missed a letter in a certain word. There are some mistakes that may be negligible but some will stick out in the open and expose you. This is why one needs to research a little bit more before deciding to use a fake doctor’s note. Know what the whole thing entails and how to get away with it. There are numerous sites online that would help with that.

How Pregnancy Affects the Body

Carrying a life inside one’s body is something only a pregnant woman would understand. People are different and that means different experiences when it comes to pregnancies. The one thing that all women can agree on however is that there are some changes that the body goes through this period. Some body changes are present in almost all expectant women while some may be specific to individuals. Here is a look at some changes that pregnant women may have to deal with.

How Pregnancy Affects the Body


During pregnancy of course, there is the extra weight. In some cases, a woman may gain a little weight after the birth of a baby. This however does not happen to everyone. There are some women that regain their original body size even after the birth of several babies.


Another thing that gets affected is the skin. Most women will have stretch marks. There are caused by the stretching of the skin from the pregnancy. In some cases, these stretch marks disappear after pregnancy, but some women still have scars left. There are also some women who have skin breakout, especially on the face. There are some cases of chloasma where the skin gets a little dark, especially around the cheeks. This may go away after the pregnancy too.


The biggest and most noticeable change that occurs in a woman during pregnancy is in the breasts. The breasts grow larger and lose their firmness. This is because the glandular tissue in the breasts grows larger to allow for breast feeding. The glands then shrink back and the breasts are usually smaller than they were and softer too.

Back pain

When a woman is pregnant, a lot of weight is pressed on her back. The extra pressure is what causes the back pains. This pressure on the lower part of the body also has some other effects. The bladder for instance gets pressed on. This makes it impossible for a pregnant woman to have a full bladder. Bathroom visits become more frequent.

Hips and waist

The fat accumulated during the lactation period will be stored in the area around the wais and the hips. This gives a woman a thicker waist than they originally had and the hips become larger too. With some exercise, all this fat may be lost.

Legs and Hands

In some cases, there is swelling of the feet and hands. This is attributed to the high retention of fluids. A pregnant woman will have more fluids in their system than one who isn’t. This causes swelling especially after sleep. The legs may also get varicose veins. This may disappear in some women especially after the first pregnancy. There are also some little veins that may remain after a while.

There are a lot of other changes that take place in a pregnant bowman. The heart rate for instance increases. This is due to the faster pumping of blood. An increased heart rate causes shortness of breath and sweating. Some of these changes will occur at different stages of the pregnancy. There are things like nausea that will only be a problem in the first trimester. It’s important to know what to expect during the whole period of a pregnancy.

Pregnant women need a lot of rest and relaxation. If you’re working in the corporate jungle, the 9-5 schedule, you must file a leave as early as your 2nd trimester. However, this seems to be unreasonable to some employers and they demand that their workers, no matter if they’re pregnant or not, to continue working until their 9th month. So, you might want to use a Dr. form template / note to keep excusing yourself from being absent at work.

Neonatologists: Saving Babies’ Lives

A lot of complications may arise during or after the birth of a child. Not every baby is born healthy and this is why there is special care for those who need it. Neonatologists are specialized medical professionals who work with newborn babies with complications. A neonatologist has to have the necessary skills to provide medical care that is relevant to the situation. There are babies that are born prematurely or with some abnormalities. It is the duty of the neonatologist to provide treatment to such a child.

One may wonder if a pediatrician can’t provide the same needed medical care. Neonatology is a specialty in pediatrics. The difference between a neonatologist and a pediatrician is that the former deals with the most risky cases. A premature baby may get just as good medical care from a pediatrician. However there are cases where there are other complications associated with a premature birth. This is when a neonatologist will be needed. The illness that a new born baby has may be too serious to be handled by only a pediatrician. Neonatologists are well trained to deal with cases that are severe and that pose a life threatening risk to the new born.

Involving a neonatologist before birth

There are situations where a pregnant woman may start getting complications early on in the pregnancy. This may be caused by a lot of things. In a case where the unborn child is identified as at risk, then a neonatologist may need to be involved. This means that the neonatologist would have to get involved early on. They may be available during the birth to make sure nothing happens to the baby and then take care of the baby from there. This is why it is important to go for check ups just incase there is need for some special care. Women that know about genetic risks their babies may be exposed to consult with their obstetricians to know what needs to be done.

What they do

There are several situations that may call for the services of a neonatologist. For one, they can be used to diagnose any conditions in a new born. There are conditions like birth defects, breathing disorders and some kinds of infections that may need proper diagnosis. They are also responsible for the nutrition provided to a new born. Part of the care that a new born may need may lie in the diet. This is why their nutritional needs should be handled by a specialist.

A neonatologist can consult with other medical personnel to provide the best care that a newborn needs. In case of a caesarian section delivery, the neonatologist may be present if complications are expected to arise. If there is need for a neonatologist, the obstetrician or personal doctor may refer their patient to one. Neonatologists will mainly be found in children’s hospitals especially the ICU. There are cases where the neonatologist may feel obligated to provide care even after the baby has been discharged. This is to make sure that the treatment provided has been effective. Providing special care for a new born is something critical and this is why neonatologists get thorough training to prepare them for what to do.

Do I Get Paid If I Have To Do Jury Duty?

Getting picked for jury duty is something a lot of people may expect. Jury duty is a civic responsibility that every citizen holds. The justice system requires several elements to function the way it should. Having a jury present in a trial is part of that element. There has to be someone that is capable of carrying this duty to its full responsibility. One question that people always ask when called to jury duty is about the payment. People worry about being away from work and what that would do with their income.

Regular Income

jury duty

There are several rules that have been established when it comes to jury duty. For one, an employer is supposed to pay wages or salary to an employee attending jury duty. There have been cases where employers have discriminated against an employee who is attending jury duty when it comes to payment. This however is unlawful. An employer can ask to be reimbursed by the state in case of lost income. However, in a case where a juror is an employee of the government, the department involved cannot ask for reimbursement. Someone who is self employed though can ask for reimbursement too. There are penalties that have been established for employers that do not comply with these laws.

Individual allowances

When it comes to allowances, there are some that are provided for the juror. In the US, the juror is paid between 40 and 50 dollars a day. There are also some reimbursements for transportation expenses. These of course have to be reasonable. Parking fees may also be included in the transportation expenses. There is also allowance that is given for meals and boarding. In some cases, the jurors may be required to stay overnight. This means that they would need to get accommodation and meals.

There is no law that obligates an employer to continue paying wages. There are companies, however that have policies when it comes to jury duty. This civic responsibility is something that involves the whole society. This is why all parties involved are required to work together to make it possible. The business sector is as much responsible for democracy as individuals. This is why there are policies put in place by companies that have taken responsibility of making jury duty as convenient as possible. An employer can ask the company what to expect in case of a jury duty summons. This will help coordinate better corporation from everybody involved.

There are requirements that are looked at when jurors are being picked. There are some people that are not qualified or eligible for jury duty. One can find out what these are. If someone is not able to attend jury duty, then they must inform the relevant authorities. There are circumstances where one may need to defer their jury duty summons. One can find out how to do this. There are also instances where one can ask to be excused all together. It is important to find out how to do this according to the set laws. For anyone not sure about what goes on when a summons comes in for jury duty, there is information online that one can use. This would help one understand what is required of a potential juror and what laws govern the whole process.

Music for Your Spa Business

Music had played a great part why spas or massage centers have caused relaxation to many people. Some physicians also mentioned, in a study, that the type of music we listen to is a great factor that affects our health.

Little do we know that it can also be a therapy in battling cancer agents such as stress.

Here’s a cool video of relaxing music that you can also use in your business or in personal.

This is Why You Should Change Your Diet to Whole Grains

Lessening your food rations is not the solution to losing fat in your belly and it’s not even close to calling it as a diet regime.

Many people have worked hard and tried out almost every product sold on the market just to stay fit and achieve the body they have long desired. The problem is, they’re not getting any result from their efforts and worst, some had suffered an after effect of suppressing their appetite, and that’s getting even fatter than they used to be.

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What You Eat vs What’s Healthy

Some people are wondering why the lifespan of today’s generation is getting narrower. Is this really something to ponder about? What’s causing it? Is there a way to, at least, overcome it?

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